NAPO - National Association of Professional Organizers Bonded and Insured
Padma from Colleyville, TX - April 2017

This is the best money I have spent all year. My pantry is amazing and had held up easily for months.

Lindsey from Colleyville, TX - March 2017

Loved CBG! I have used this service all over my house & love it!! Highly recommend!

Geri - from Southlake, TX - Jan 2017

Dana is the best!!! I want to live in my new pantry!

Linda from Euless, TX - Dec 2016

Dana from Clutter Be Gone came to my home to declutter and organize my closet in the master bedroom. I had so much stuff everywhere that I didn't even know where we would start. That is where Dana's knowledge and professionalism came in. She took control of the whole situation and off we went. I was pretty embarrassed about the state of my closet but Dana was not judgmental in the least and made me feel very comfortable. I didn't know how I would feel about someone going through my personal items but Dana's personality and easy going attitude put me at ease. I had no problem with her going through my personal things. Her positive energy was contagious and she encouraged me through the entire process. In the end, her car was full of donation items and I had multiple bags of throw away items. I was impressed with what she accomplished in the time we had. My closet was impeccable. I highly recommend Clutter Be Gone to all my friends. I cannot say enough great things about my experience. Thank you Dana!! You saved me from the stress of my cluttered, unorganized mess of a closet.

Paige from Colleyville, TX - Sept 2016

Had a wonderful time with Dana organizing the kitchen! Within the first 10 minutes it was clear that we were in for a professional experience. She brought in labeled tubs that we could use to sort as we went through the room’s items: keep & put back, wash & put back, donation, give to family member, etc… We started with the tops of the cabinets, removing stored items, throwing broken or otherwise unsavable items away, and sorting the rest. Then went on to food items, throwing away those that were expired which made room for the food boxes that had overflowed onto the counters to be placed back where they belonged. Then on to plastic storage containers and pots & pans, sorting out those that we wanted to keep (& had lids!) and those that we didn’t need anymore. I was amazed how quickly we were able to go through all the cabinets and decades of items! Dana’s positive energy and encouragement drove the whole operation to be thoroughly enjoyable. She never made us feel bad as we decided what to keep or let go of. At the end of our time, all the sorted “keep” items had good spaces to go back to... and 4 bags of trash went to the curb and 2 bags went with Dana to donation places. I will definitely recommend Clutter Be Gone to all my friends! Thank YOU!

Lynn from Southlake, TX - Sept 2016

I am a busy working Mom of 3 and love organizing but needed help. I have a long walk in pantry that was so disorganized I didn't even want to go in there. After I called Clutter Be Gone to organize my panty I can now walk in there. I enjoy planning menus again and my grocery bills are lower because I'm not buying things I already have.
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