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Paper Clutter Tips

  • Clutter Be Gone Use to unsubscribe from email lists in minutes. Great free service. They will ask you to promote it on facebook after you have unsubscribed from 9 lists, but after one post, you can unsubscribe from all the lists you want. I got rid of 62 lists in 5 minutes. You can unsubscribe, add to a rollup list, or leave in your inbox. Click here -
  • Remove your name from catalogs that come to your house. You must enter the keycode number on the back of the catalog that you want to stop receiving, but after that, you are free to recycle it and be on your way saving trees, water, and air pollution! Click here -
  • Evernote Use this to make notes on everything from the grocery list to geometry class notes. You can take photos of hand written notes, record lectures, and much more and it is all searchable. Have all of your notes with you at all time. This is great for receipts! Click here - Evernote
  • Local Document Shredding Rapid Refill Ink with put documents in a locked Iron Mountain bin for them to come pick up and shred. Service cost as of 10/2016 is $.69 per pound. Office Depot will provide the same service for $.99 per pund or shred it in front of your eyes in the store for $2.99 per pound.

Book & Dvd Options

  • Half Price Books You can sell books at Half Price Books, or you can sell them on ebay, amazon, or a garage sale. Half Proce books is the fastest way to sell a large amount at one time. They will not take all of them and the offer will be very low, but you will make some money and they will donate what they cannot resell.
  • Libraries Local libraries will often take book donations. Even if they do not end up in circulation, the library will sell them to raise money.
  • Movie Trading Company Movie Trading Company gives the best resale value for DVD's that I have found, but make sure you ask for an itemized pricing for each DVD so you can decide if it is worth selling. Sometimes, the price is not really worth selling it and you would do better to donate and take the tax write off.

Stuff you Find in Your Closet Options

  • H&M Fabric Recycling You can donate used clothing to your local H&M store. They will reuse the fabric as part of their award winning full circle program. You can also get 15% off your purchase of new clothing.
  • Excess luggage Extra luggage can be donated to Child Protective Services for use by children in foster care.
  • New clothes with tags New clothes with tags can be donated to Keeps Boutique at the Gatehouse, a battered women's shelter.

Stuff you Find in the Office

  • Old Phones Sell at Target Trade-in click here or Sell at Walmart immediate sell box
  • Office Supplies Local Schools are always in need of extra office or art supplies.
  • Old Electronics The City of Grapevine has year round electronics recycling. Check with your city to see if they also have a place.

Jewelry & Eyeglasses

  • Use this service to get rid of old jewelry and watches. They accept gold, silver, and gemstones - even old class rings and even if it is broken! Click here to Sell Old Jewelry
  • Antique Stores or Dealers Some jewelry has antique value. Take time to get a few estimates of any jewelry you think an antique dealer would want. Be sure to get a few as I have been offered as little as $20 for three necklaces and up to $120 for the same three. Obviously, there is a big difference there, so it pays to shop around.
  • Saving Sight at Walmart Donate old prescription eyeglasses to the Lions Club Saving Sight Program via the drop box at the Walmart Vision Center!

Kitchens & Pantries

  • Use this guide to help you determine when to throw out foods. Most people believe that they can tell if something is bad by look or smell, but this is not true! Only about 20% of bad food will actually smell bad. Protect yourself. Click here - Still Tasty
  • Food Pantry I normally tell clients that any canned good within 6 months of expiring would be better off at a food pantry where it will likely get used before its date. This is also a good place for unopened items that you know you won't eat, but are still in date.

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